Baltimore Lifeboat assists grounded fishing trawler.

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Published on: June 8, 2012


Baltimore Lifeboat ‘Alan Massey’ launched at 2020hrs tonight the 8th of June, to go to the assistance of a grounded fishing trawler. The ‘Sceptre’ was making it’s way down the Ilen River from Oldcourt to Baltimore, when it’s propellor became fouled on a partially sunken bouy with rope attached. The boat was rendered powerless in the narrow river with the tide just beginning its ebb. When the lifeboat with coxswain Kieran Cotter, mechanic Cathal Cottrell and crewmen Aiden Bushe, Don O Donovan, Ronnie Carthy, Jerry Smith and Micheal Cottrell arrived on scene, a tow was passed to the casualty and the 2,000hp lifeboat managed to free the trawler from the mud bank on which she had been grounded.The trawler with four crew onboard was towed to Baltimore harbour and berthed alongside the pier. The lifeboat was back on its moorings and ready for service by 2300 hrs.

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