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MEDIVAC from the Islands

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Published on: February 2, 2016

Baltimore all-weather lifeboat Alan Massey launch at 1955 hrs last night, to transfer an ill man from Sherkin Island to Baltimore. An ambulance met the lifeboat upon its return to the station in Baltimore and the patient was transferred to the care of the ambulance paramedics and the boat made ready for service again by 2030 hrs. Weather conditions were poor at the time with F7 – gale 8 in Baltimore harbour.
Crew on the service were Coxswain Kieran Cotter, mechanic Mícheál Cottrell, crew Simon Duggan, Pat Collins, jerry Smith, Paul Synott and Tadgh Collins. The response time of the crew was very quick as most of the crew were attending a bi-weekly first aid training at the station.

Lifeboat crews launch 39 times rescuing 46 people in 2015

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Published on: January 31, 2016


Recently released RNLI stats for 2015 show just how busy Baltimore volunteer crew have been over the past year. The all weather lifeboat Alan Massey was launched 25 times and inshore lifeboat Alice and Charles launched 14 times rescuing a total of 46 people in 2015.

In total RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew in Ireland were kept busy in 2015 with 1,098 launches bringing 1,244 people to safety. At 45 lifeboat stations around the Irish coast and on inland waters, the charity’s volunteer lifeboat crew were on call in all weathers. Of the recorded launches, 416 were carried out in the hours of darkness.

Howth lifeboat station in Dublin was the busiest on the coast with 60 launches and 58 people assisted. The next busiest was Clifden RNLI in Galway, who are currently trialling an all-weather lifeboat to work alongside with their inshore lifeboat. They launched 49 times and brought 20 people to safety. The majority of callouts for Clifden RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat were to medical emergencies on the neighbouring islands; often assisting the Irish Coast helicopter crew. Dun Laoghaire RNLI launched their two lifeboats 48 times and assisted 50 people.

The first Shannon class lifeboat in Ireland, stationed at Lough Swilly in Donegal, was also put to work. It arrived in April and during the year the station answered 20 calls for help and brought 23 people to safety. The new lifeboat’s first callout was to three fishermen reported missing after failing to return home. Their vessel had lost power and they had drifted for hours waiting for help when the Shannon arrived on scene.

The type of incidents the charity’s lifeboat crew responded can range from danger of drowning (66 launches) to searches for missing people (54 launches), grounded or stranded vessels (126 launches) or people thought to be in danger or overdue (118 launches). Machinery failure and fouled propellers (251 launches) were again a common cause for callout.

There were also a number of callouts to four-legged casualties in 2015. Ten lifeboat stations launched to incidents involving animals and mammals last year, including a dolphin in Ballycotton, a horse swept into the river at Lough Derg, eight cows who became stranded and ended up in the sea off Kinsale and seven dogs around the coast who were reunited with their grateful owners. Many of these callouts can include a threat to people as they attempt to enter the water to save an animal and in turn get into difficulty.

Gareth Morrison RNLI Lifesaving Delivery Manager said; ‘Last summer the RNLI launched its national drowning prevention campaign, Respect the Water, warning people that the coastlines and waters can be dangerously unpredictable. This year we will continue to build on that and help inform those who enjoy the water and our beautiful coastline to take care and help reduce drowning.

In 2015 we had the honour of bringing the first Shannon class lifeboat home to Ireland. It was the first all-weather lifeboat class to be named in recognition of the contribution of the RNLI’s Irish volunteers, who have been saving lives in Ireland since 1826.’

‘Irish volunteer lifeboat crew, our fundraisers and supporters have again worked exceptionally hard serving our local communities. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication over the last 12 months. Without them our lifesaving service would not exist.’

Leesa Harwood, RNLI Community Lifesaving and Fundraising Director added; It’s humbling to see the lifesaving work of our volunteer crew and safety advisers – out of the 9,763 rescued in Ireland and the UK, 442 people are alive today because of their actions. The RNLI as a whole owes it to them to act with integrity and tenacity as we take move to opt-in communications from January 2017.

‘I’m appealing to all our dedicated supporters to help us by ticking our opt-in* box over the next few months – to hear about our rescues, our safety advice, and our events and help us save the lives of hundreds more in the years to come.

Baltimore RNLI recently presented with a cheque for over €12,000

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Published on: December 30, 2015

Baltimore RNLI were recently presented with a cheque for over €12,000 fundraised by the family of Niamh O’Connor.

Young child evacuated from Cape Clear Island

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Published on: December 9, 2015

Baltimore RNLI received an an alert from Valentia Coastguard at 09:29 this morning when a young boy in urgent need of medical attention required immediate evacuation from Cape Clear Island.


Coxswain Aidan Bushe along with 5 volunteer crewmen were launched within minutes of the alert in the all-weather Tamar class lifeboat Alan Massey. They proceeded in poor weather conditions to the North Harbour of Cape Clear Island against a swell of 3 metres and force 6-7 northwest winds.


When the lifeboat crew arrived at the pier the little boy was unresponsive. He was immediately stretchered aboard the the lifeboat where he was constantly monitored on the journey back to Baltimore. The lifeboat arrived at Baltimore pier at 10:30, from where the boy was transferred to Skibbereen for medical attention.


The evacuation was successfully completed in one  hour, a remarkable achievement given that current weather conditions have meant frequent cancellation of local ferries.


On board were ; Coxswain Aidan Bushe, Mechanic Cathal Cottrell, crew Sean McCarthy,  Jerry Smith, Ronnie Carthy and Don O’Donovan


Baltimore Lifeboat assists fishing vessel reported aground at Glandore Harbour

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Published on: November 15, 2015

Baltimore RNLI Tamar class Lifeboat Alan Massey launched tonight to go to the assistance of a fishing vessel which ran aground in Glandore Harbour. The Lifeboat was tasked at 2125 and arrived in Glandore Harbour where the Union Hall Inshore Lifeboat was evacuating the crew from the stricken vessel. The [...]

Annual RNLI BBQ Saturday 12th September 1pm at Murphy’s Pub, Sherkin Island

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Published on: September 5, 2015

Annual RNLI BBQ on Saturday 12th September 1pm hosted by Sallyanne and Derry Clarke at Murphy’s Pub, Sherkin Island. Adults €25 and Kids €15. A great day out, not to be missed! 


ILB Rescue in Record Time

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Published on: August 19, 2015

A rescue operation took place in what must have been record time this evening 19 August. Bleepers went off at 18:19 after a 7 metre motor Boat with 2 adults on board went aground on rocks opposite the station house. The boat had suffered engine failure and had drifted onto rocks in flat calm weather conditions. The inshore lifeboat launched at 18:27 passed a tow to the motor boat at 18:28, put the boat back on her own mooring at 18:32 and then returned to station at 18:42. On board the ILB were Helm Kieran Collins with crew Jerry Smith & Diarmuid Collins.


Life Jacket Clinic

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Published on: August 18, 2015

Free RNLI Lifejacket Clinic at Baltimore Sailing Club next Saturday August 22nd 12.00 to 17.00 all welcome


Two yachts become entangled in Baltimore Harbour

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Published on: August 4, 2015
Baltimore all weather lifeboat was called out at just after 2am this morning, to a yacht in difficulty in Baltimore harbour. An unoccupied yacht dragged its mooring, and became entangled in a yacht with two occupants aboard. Both yachts were caught up and thumping off each other in force 6 westerly winds. Once the lifeboat arrived on scene the y-boat was deployed and manned by Pat Collins and Brendan Cottrell, they dropped crewman Brian McSweeney onto the unmanned yacht to assist with rigging a towline from the lifeboat. Once the tow was secure the tangled mooring was released and the unmanned yacht was towed clear. The yacht was placed on an unoccupied visitors mooring in the harbour, and the lifeboat returned to station at 3.20am. After washing down the boat, equipment and crew gear the lights were switched off and the station doors locked at 3.50am. Crew were Kieran Cotter, Jerry Smith, Pat Collins, Brendan Cottrell, Brian McSweeney, Don O’ Donovan and Sean McCarthy.

RIB adrift Coosheen Point, Schull

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Published on: August 3, 2015

Tragedy was averted this evening 3rd August after a RIB with 5 persons onboard called for assistance. The alert that a RIB was adrift in the Gascannane Sound off Sherkin Island came at 18:24. Later this was revised to a position 100 metres off rocks East of Schull Harbour. The all weather lifeboat was launched with a crew of 7 on board at 18:32. Weather conditions at the time were as follows; West South West Winds Force 6-7, Sea State – Rough The stricken RIB had put out an anchor to try and hold her position but it was not holding. The lifeboat advised putting out as much rope as possible to try & secure the anchor. The lifeboat also used VHF direction finding to locate the RIB.Schull Inshore Rescue were first on scene at Coosheen point East of Schull Harbour. They established a tow with the 8 metre blue and orange RIB. Baltimore Lifeboat arrived minutes later at 18:51 and stood by to support the tow back into Schull.On board were Kieran Cotter Coxswain, Jerry Smith Mechanic, Brendan Cottrell, Jim Baker, Colin Whooley, Don Donovan and Pat Collins


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