False Alarm Flares

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Published on: March 17, 2013

On Sat 16th March two orange flares and one red flare had been reported to the east and south of Goat Island just off the western end of Long Island. Pagers went off at 20:58hrs.  Engines started at 21:05 and the ALB proceeded out the north sound and south of the Calf Islands and was on-scene at 21:35hrs.  Searches were conducted of Goat Island and adjacent Illanuricmonia to the west. Sea was calm to slight and the visibility was good.  Nothing was found.  At 22:10 Valentia Coast Guard stood down the search.  The ALB returned to Baltimore and was back on the berth at 22:55hrs and ready for service at 23:20.

Crew on board were Kieran Cotter (Cox), Jerry Smith (Mech), Brian McSweeney (Nav), Don O’Donovan, Simon Duggan, Colin Whooley (Nav) and Tadhg Collins.

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