Harbour in Mayhem

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Published on: May 26, 2012

Force 7 easterly winds brought sudden mayhem to Baltimore Harbour this morning when three yachts needed the assistance of the Inshore Lifeboat in quick succession.
First a 35ft cruiser with an elderly couple on board had dragged anchor in the Harbour.  ILB crew Ronan Callanan went aboard and hauled the anchor and the brought the yacht back to Baltimore Pier. No sooner was that yacht made secure than another call came through from a 45 ft yacht without steerage or power with a young couple on board. The yacht was within minutes of going aground on Sherkin Island. In difficult sea conditions Helm Micheal Cottrell brought the ILB alongside the distressed yacht and again Ronan scrambled on board. Tadhg Collins passed a tow to Ronan which he secured and then took the wheel for a tow back her to her mooring. Once the second yacht was secure a third call for assistance was made a minute later. A 30 ft yacht with two men on board was in need of assistance. She was without steerage and was pinned on another yacht mooring. Ronan released the yacht boarding dinghy setting the yacht free. The ILB crew attempted to get the yacht back on her mooring but as the weather deteriorated decided to bring the yacht to the safety of the pier. Finally the ILB crew retrieved the boarding dinghy that had been set adrift.

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