RNLI Baltimore Lifeboat rapid intervenion saves life at sea

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Published on: April 29, 2011

Date: 29/04/2011

Fisherman airlifted following rapid intervention in administering medical attention by RNLI Baltimore crew (Credit RNLI)The rapid response capability of the RNLI Baltimore inshore lifeboat assuredly averted a catastrophe at sea today, when a young fishermen fell overboard 11 miles South of Baltimore Harbour.

Valentia Coastguard alerted the Baltimore lifeboat station at 12:43 today and both the inshore lifeboat Bessie and the all-weather lifeboat Hilda Jarrett put to sea. The twin engined Atlantic 75, which has a top speed of 32 knots, reached the casualty within 20 minutes under the direction of Helmsman Youen Jacob. Crewman Ronan Callanan administered oxygen to the stricken fisherman stabilizing his condition, which had been serious due to long immersion in water. Further medical attention was offered by all weather lifeboat crewman Jerry Smith when it arrived on scene 20 minutes later. Given the seriousness of the fishermans condition it was decided that an airlift was the most appropriate course of action and a rescue helicopter was called. Helmsman Youen Jacob, commended the Captain and crew of the fishing boat in retrieving the fisherman from the water, which was made even more difficult by the choppy sea conditions prevailing.

The Inshore lifeboat then returned to Baltimore Harbour, However the allweather lifeboat remained at sea, as another distress call was received from a fishing vessel adrift 30 miles offshore. In current weather conditions it will take them two hours to reach the vessel and several more to tow her back to shore. Onboard the inshore lifeboat were Helmsman Youen Jacob, crewmen Ronan Callanan and Tadhg Collins. On board the all weather lifeboat are coxswain Aidan Bushe, Cathal Cottrell, Jerry Smith, Ronnie Carty and father and son team Pat and Diarmuid Collins.

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