RNLI Inshore lifeboat Bessie averts tragedy at sea

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Published on: January 5, 2010

Date: 05/01/2010


Baltimore RNLI inshore lifeboat crew rescue fishermen (Credit RNLI/Baltimore/Tom Bushe)

Two men were rescued this morning by the Baltimore RNLI inshore lifeboat in extreme weather conditions. The two men were fishing in a 7ft rubber dinghy powered by a 4 hp petrol engine in Baltimore harbour.  When their engine broke down, they were quickly swept out to sea and were only able to alert the emergency services by calling 999 from a mobile phone.

The Atlantic 75 lifeboat Bessie launched at 10:13 with Helm John Kearney and crew Micheál Cottrell and Youen Jacob on board. They proceeded to an area one cable south of the Beacon at the entrance to Baltimore harbour, where the dinghy was adrift on open sea.

The lifeboat crew took the two men on board and took the dinghy into the RNLI RIB and brought them back to Baltimore Harbour. The men were unharmed, but had had a lucky escape.

Baltimore Lifeboat Operations Manager Tom Bushe commented, ‘these men are very lucky to be alive. They were not adequately prepared for the sea and the weather conditions, thankfully we got to them in time’

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