RNLI Lifeboats in search for youth swept out to sea.

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Published on: March 20, 2010

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The all-weather and inshore lifeboats based at Baltimore have been searching since early morning for a youth swept out to sea. The young man who was on a weekend visit to Baltimore had been walking along the seashore under the cliffs with a friend when he was overcome by a wave and washed out to sea. The friend immediately raised the alarm at a nearby house. The lifeboats were alerted at 08:01 and proceeded to the area, near a place known locally as Spain, in which the young man has last been seen. A coast guard helicopter joined in the search and later the Navy vessel the LE Roisin, which took over command of the search. At 12:00 the inshore lifeboat Bessie, a twin engined Atlantic 75 RIB, returned to Baltimore Harbour to refuel and changeover crews. Although weather conditions were good, the search was hazardous as it involved getting close into shore under steep cliffs with a heavy draw. The search will resume tomorrow at 08:00.

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