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Baltimore Lifeboat Station provides a new service for the West Cork region. Michael Walsh has been appointed to the role of Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer (LSSO) for the coastal area extending from Galley Head to Mizen Head. This position is a new departure for the RNLI and introduces an education programme focused on the general leisure boating public.The role of the LSSO is to make the public more aware of and to encourage Safety at Sea therefore reducing the numbers of Lifeboat calls and ultimately save more lives. The LSSO will work with a team of Sea Safety Advisors trained by the RNLI to provide cover and back up in his or her area.The duty of the team will be to get the safety message across to sea and fresh water users alike. This could involve a ‘Soft Check’ with would involve a friendly informal chat with a boat user on the five key safety principles listed below.

Other services provided would be a ‘Sea Check’ involving a full check over of a boat and its equipment. There is no pass or fail on a Sea Check, it is free of charge and again would be carried out in a friendly and non judgmental fashion and may in some cases lead to suggestions being made how to improve the safety standards aboard the vessel. A copy of the checklist with any recommendations along with a Sea Check sticker will be provided to the boat owner.

Please contact us to arrange a free Sea Check of your boat

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Our team is willing to talk to sailing clubs and any individuals or groups involved in leisure water based activities about all aspects of safety at sea. Just recently, a Lifejacket Clinic was held on Baltimore Pier. Trained RNLI volunteers carried out lifejacket inspections and provided advice to a steady stream of sailors of a diverse range of craft. For more information contact Michael on 086 2663766.

When going out on the water always:

*Wear a lifejacket (It is the law)

*Tell someone ashore where you are going

*Check engine and fuel (Most Lifeboat shouts have been for boats running out of fuel)

*Carry some means of calling for help

*Check weather and tides

For the latest updates on Sea Safety activities in Baltimore please click on the category link on the right or click here.

For downloadable resources and sea safety information from the RNLI please click here.



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