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Boat trip claims life in Roaring Water Bay

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Published on: August 14, 2014

The body of a man has been recovered from the water today 14 August. The man was found North of Sherkin Island by the inshore lifeboat and taken to the station at Bullpoint where he was pronounced dead by RNLI Medical Advisor Dr Don Creagh. Sergeant Tony McCarthy and Garda Mairtín Ashe attended the scene and supervised removal to CUH for post mortem. Helm Youen Jacob with crew John Kearney and Ryan O’Mahony had been searching since 5:30 am this morning when they spotted a life jacket at 8:15 approx. Earlier they had given medical assistance to the two sailors who had made it to the safety of Castle Island.

This is a sad end to a sailing trip which had set out from Schull yesterday afternoon. The alarm was raised when the19ft open Drascomb Lugger failed to return at 7pm last night.

Both the ALB (under Coxswain Kieran Cotter, Mechanic Brian McSweeney and crew John O’Flynn, Jerry Smith, Eoin Ryan, Don O’Donovan and Diarmuid Collins) and ILB (Helm Kieran Collins, Micheál Cottrell and Tadhg Collins) searched until after midnight when the search was stood down by the Coastguard.

The search resumed again at 5:30 today with both the ALB (Coxswain Pat Collins, Mechanic Sean McCarthy, Shane McSweeney, Diarmuid Collins, John O’Flynn,Tadhg Collins) and ILB (Helm Youen Jacob, John Kearney and Ryan O’Mahony) searching Roaring Water Bay.


Photo: Richard O’Flynn

RIB adrift 4 miles South of Glandore

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Published on: August 2, 2014

At 20:48 on August 2nd Baltimore the all weather lifeboat was alerted to a RIB adrift 4 miles south of Glandore in West Cork. The lifeboat proceeded to rendezvous with the two young men who had been en route from Cork to Baltimore when their engine failed.

Crew member Diarmuid Collins went aboard the RIB to establish a tow. The lifeboat then towed them to the safety of Baltimore Harbour.

On board the ‘Alan Massey’ were Coxswain Kieran Collins, Mechanic Brian McSweeney, Pat Collins, Diarmuid Colllins, Tadhg Collins, Jim Baker, John O’Flynn


Respect the Water

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Published on: July 30, 2014


This bank holiday weekend take great care on and Respect The Water. Checkout this RNLI link for safety information about most water activities including Sailing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Angling, Kayaking and Scuba Diving.

Baltimore Lifeboats in Diver search

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Published on: July 2, 2014

RNLI Baltimore Lifeboats were tasked at 9:52 today 02 July 2014 to assist at a dive incident in the Glandore / Castlehaven area. Two divers were reported in difficulty. One of them was recovered unconscious to the dive vessel and was airlifted to hospital but was later pronounced dead. Coxswain Aidan Bushe on the all weather life boat, Alan Massey, and Helm Micheal Cottrell on the Inshore Lifeboat  RIB, Alice and Charles, continued to search for the remaining missing diver. Relief crews went to Union Hall to refuel the ILB and for crew changes on the ILB & ALB. The search was stood down later in the afternoon when a second body was recovered from the water.

(Photo Youen Jacob)

ILB tows Dive RIB to safety in Schull

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Published on: July 1, 2014

The inshore lifeboat was requested to launch at 14:12 today to a 7 meter dive RIB experiencing fuel problems. At the time the RIB was positioned West of the Calf Islands. Helm Tadhg Collins and crew Diarmuid Collins and Jason Pavry towed the RIB to Schull pier and secured it [...]

RNLI Sea Safety @ Wooden Boat Festival 2014

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Published on: May 25, 2014


Sea Safety officer Trevor Whelan and Fundraiser Pamela Deasy with volunteers Molly J Deasy and Liam Deasy.

Irish Times feature Baltimore RNLI Inshore lifeboat in data balloon rescue

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Published on: May 7, 2014

Cork students capture images of Ireland from camera attached to a balloon

Pupils delighted to discover camera survived fall to earth, landing at sea

Barry Roche

First published: Wed, May 7, 2014, 11:21


Pupils at a Corkschool are celebrating after their entry in an international competition to send a helium balloon into the stratosphere proved successful when they captured some impressive photographs of the earth.The eight pupils from Terence MacSwiney College in Knocknaheeny on the city’s northside, under the guidance of science teacher, Lillian Heylin, spent the past six weeks preparing their entry in the Global Space Balloon Challenge which is organised by academic institutions in the US.

The team made up of William O’Mahony, Aisling Walsh, Rebecca Murphy, Stuart Murphy, Josh Crean, Dominic Kelly, Jamie Twomey and Chloe Lingwood launched the balloon on Friday from the Valentia Observatory in Cahersiveen in Co Kerry with help from Mike Crean of Met Eireann.

Ms Heylin explained that the aim of the challenge, which saw the Cork school compete with post-graduate students at some top international universities, was to see how high the balloon could go before bursting and to capture images with a specially attached digital camera.

“The students had to work out the best position to locate the digital camera in a special styrofoam box and how to ensure it didn’t freeze at really high altitudes where the temperature drops to minus 60 degrees so there was a lot of science involved in doing the project,” she said.

According to Ms Heylin, they estimated that the balloon went up to 23kms in around 90 minutes before bursting and activating a parachute that safely brought the camera and a GPS tracker back to earth only to land in the sea some four miles off Baltimore in West Cork.

Terence MacSwiney College Principal, Willie McAuliffe tracked the balloon’s ascent and descent with the GPS tracker and was able to give the co-ordinates of where it landed to Jerry O’Brien of Valentia Coastguard who passed on the details to Baltimore Inshore Lifeboat.

The camera was recovered by Baltimore Inshore Lifeboat who handed it over to Lifeboat Operations Manager Tom Bushe who returned it to Mr McAuliffe who brought it back to Terence MacSwiney College where the students set about retrieving the photos from the digital camera.

“The kids were just so excited that the camera was recovered first of all and then to discover that it had worked perfectly to capture such fantastic images was a real surprise – they were delighted to get such beautiful pictures and they had such fun on the project, it really was a great success.”

Inshore Lifeboat Helm John Kearney with Pat O’Oriscoll and Conor Dempsey were happy to oblige with the search as part of a scheduled exercise.


Medivac from Cape Clear Island

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Published on: April 7, 2014

Baltimore RNLI all weather lifeboat was tasked at 21:02 Sunday 6th April to Cape Clear Island. A child in the care of the Public Health Nurse required urgent medical attention. The lifeboat made best speed to North Harbour where the child was taken on board and brought to a waiting [...]

Sunday Independent feature article on coxswain Kieran Cotter

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Published on: February 7, 2014

The Sunday Independent featured Coxswain Kieran Cotter in it’s Waking Hours column last Sunday 2 February 2014

Screening of SS Alondra Rescue short film

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Published on: February 5, 2014

A screening of the SS Alondra Rescue filmed as part of the Hope in the Great War project will take place in Jacobs on Thursday 6 th February at 9:15pm.

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