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Baltimore Lifeboat crewman wins the Americas Cup.

Categories: News
Published on: September 25, 2013

All associated with Baltimore Lifeboat would like to extend a huge congratulations to Revelin Minihane, and the crew of Team Oracle USA. Revelin is a helm on the Inshore Lifeboat based at the station, and also a crewman on our All weather boat. Revelin has spent years jetting off around [...]

Baltimore lifeboat station refurbishments near completion.

Categories: Events
Published on: June 14, 2013

Thursday marked another phase in the near completion of the Baltimore lifeboat boathouse refurbishments. Baltimore ILB (inshore lifeboat) ‘City of Bradford v’ was conducting trials on the slipway at the station. The boat was hauled and launched several times on a purpose built Do-Do trolley, that runs on rails on [...]

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