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Published on: April 9, 2011

Baltimore Lifeboat

Recent visitor to Baltimore Nigel Millard is a volunteer member of Torbay Lifeboat but makes his living as a professional photographer. Nigel has been contracted to the RNLI for a 2 year period to chronicle the activities of Lifeboat crews, shore-helpers and fundraisers. Nigel will return to Baltimore periodically to gather more photos and hopefully document our transition to the new Tamar class Lifeboat during his visits. The material gathered will refresh the library images for the RNLI and develop content for a book of photographs. Nigel’s past work can be viewed at

Nigel accompanied us on a joint exercise with Schull Inshore Rescue. The Schull crew operates a 6.5m RIB funded by the local community. Baltimore ALB and ILB combined with the Schull crew to carry out the simulated evacuation of an injured walker (Thanks Ronnie!) by stretcher from a remote location on the East Skeam. The exercise offered a great opportunity for the crews to work together developing an understanding of the capabilities of boats and crews.

After successfully bringing the casualty to the safety of the ALB the 3 boats headed west along the north shore of the Calves to the open sea where photographer Nigel got some great photo opportunities. The Lifeboats were put through their paces in a 3 to 4 metre swell with the islands of Roaring Water Bay offering a great backdrop. We look forward to seeing Nigel’s shots. 

Baltimore Lifeboat had 2 noteworthy shouts this spring:

At 11:32 on the morning of the 31st of January the Coast Guard alerted Baltimore Lifeboat station to an urgent call for assistance. A 20 metre fishing vessel with four crew on board ran over her own nets fouling her propeller. At the time of the incident the fishing vessel was 20 nautical miles offshore, south of Toe Head, near Skibbereen, Co. Cork.

The Tyne class all weather Lifeboat Hilda Jarrett immediately put to sea under the command of Coxswain Kieran Cotter. When the lifeboat arrived on scene, the crew established a tow and proceeded back to Baltimore. Weather conditions were good, but due to the long distance it was 3 hours before they made the safety of Baltimore harbour and the fishing vessel was secured alongside the pier. Lifeboat crew on this service; Coxswain Kieran Cotter, mechanic Jerry Smith, Ronnie Carty, Pat Collins, Don O’Donovan and Paul O’Driscoll

On Friday 18th March, a fire burning on Cape Clear Island prompted a call to the Skibbereen fire service. Two fire crews made their way to the pier in Baltimore to board the all weather lifeboat Hilda Jarrett.

The lifeboat left the Harbour at 17.58 and arrived at North Harbour, Cape Clear at 18.25. On arrival the 6 fire crew went ashore to the east side of South Harbour. Once the fire was no longer a threat, the fire fighters boarded the lifeboat and arrived back at Baltimore Pier at 20.44. The Hilda Jarrett was then returned to the station at Bull Point where she needed a good clean down after ash and soot from the fire-fighting gear. Crew for that call were Coxswain Kieran Cotter, Mechanic Cathal Cottrell, Aidan Bushe, Anthony Sheehy, Ronan Callanan and slip crew, Jerry Smith, Rianne Smith, Paul Synnott and Kate Callanan

Finally, hats off to the two thespians on our crew. Simon Duggan and Ronan Callanan who both put in great performances in the stunning Baltimore Drama Group production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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