Timber sailing vessel on rocks in Crookhaven

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Published on: October 19, 2014

The all weather lfeboat Alan Massey was tasked to go the assistance of a 25ft timber sailing vessel today, Sunday 19th October when a sailing yacht broke her moorings and drifted onto rocks in Crookhaven harbour.

The lifeboat was launched at 13:18 in high winds and a 4 metre swell and proceeded across Roaring Water Bay arriving onscene at 14:02. Coxswain Kieran Cotter directed launch of a small tender, called a Y boat, to go alongside the stricken vessel to carry out an assessment. Crewmen, Ger Sheehy and Tadhg Collins skilfully manouevred the Y boat into position in high winds (force 6-7) placing a pump on board.

After a considerable attempts at pumping it was determined that the pump was not having any effect in displacing water.  Towing the yacht out into the harbour was discounted due to the likelihood of it sinking.  It was decided that salvage from the shore at low tide was the safest option. The lifeboat returned to station in Baltimore at 15:57

On board were ; Coxswain, Kieran Cotter, Mechanic,  Cathal Cottrell and crew Pat Collins  Ronnie Carthy,  Tadhg Collins,   Jerry Smith (navigator) and  Ger Sheehy

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